Aja Braun

by Warmer Milks

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Originally released in 2006 as a CD-R on Tony Rettman's Warm Freedom of Tongue (WFOT-11). Written, performed and recorded by Ma Turner at Born Mugged. Post-engineering and cover layout by R. Beatty.


released January 20, 2016

"Ladron 005 is in the works, but hasn't been released. Mikey told me some goofiness they were cooking up for it, but I forgot. And speaking of goofiness, I'm pretty sure he told me that the Ladron name is going to be retired after 005, to be replaced by some other label called . . . Juicy Fruit? I don't know, bar talk. But, while we wait for LA005, we can enjoy another Warmer Milks CDR release (edition of 100) on the Warm Freedom of Tongue label. It's called Aja Braun, although the cover says "Dummes Unkraut" which is German for . . . . "Stupid Weed"! You know, because kraut is German for cabbage, so weed is unkraut, the uncabbage. And certainly Aja Braun is imbued with the sensibilities of 1970s German krautrock, which should've been called the Unkraut Rock, if you know what I mean -- talk about stupid weed! The album starts with two or three long minutes of weird running water sounds -- sorta like in the middle of Ege Bamyasi by Can! -- and from there about 144 different weirdo sometimes-rock approaches get slammed up into each other -- sorta like The Faust Tapes! The wurlitzer piano of Nephalim1 makes another appearance, as do the moaning and whimpering and graveyard bone-rattles of Permanent Drool, as do wasted laughter, wasted humming, extrapolatory electric bass guitar. Is that "March of the Witch's Castle"? Is that "Louie Louie"?? Is that Bonnie "Prince" Billy recording something during a 25-minute salvia trip instead of a few days later? Nah, it's just the Weirder Milks......" -Larry Dolman



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